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We are a video production company that help brands produce video. We do this through our training and production services. Providing video skills training and a flexible video production service – including video producers and directors, video cameramen, video editors and online video specialists.

We works with large multi-national organisations, small businesses, charities and public sector organisations. We specialise in the property and healthcare sectors.

Help you produce better video. Work with you to establish an efficient and effective framework for video content production across your business. Train your staff with video skills. Produce video for your brand. Provide advice and guidance on how to get people watching your videos. Provide you with ideas for video content.

We have over 10 years experience producing high-quality video content for a variety of clients as Streamstay Ltd. We can provide you with unique ideas for your videos. We are a team of people that are easy to work with and are straight-talking. We have a track record of deliver on time and on budget. We produce high-quality content that is focused on producing results and delivering value.

  • Free video consultation.
  • Video production services.
  • Video skills training.
  • Online video player development.
  • Video hosting and archive services.

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